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Arthur Consulting Group, Inc. is a global corporation, providing economic and financial analysis, valuation, and tax consulting services. More than 35 years strong, we are grounded by a rich history and culture characterized by innovation, dedication, integrity, and a commitment to our clients. We have helped enterprises in all segments of the economy with the reshaping of their organizations, as they adapt to an evolving and complex external environment.

We were previously the valuation arm of Arthur D. Little, Inc., the world's first consulting firm, which began in 1866 and pioneered the concept of contracted professional services. Our company became independent in 1988, although its product mix has remained relatively constant, with its primary practice area consisting of financial valuation services, including valuing business tangible and intangible assets for tax or accounting purposes, quantifying economic damages, establishing transfer pricing, providing fairness and solvency opinions, and establishing the basis for tax planning reorganizations. We are also a leader in cost segregation, an IRS-approved tax strategy that provides property owners the opportunity to defer taxes, reduce their overall current tax liability, and maximize their cash flow.

Our reports are designed to answer almost any question that might arise under third party review, without arousing further scrutiny, skepticism, or confusion. Our basic philosophy is that clients want correct answers, but they also need to be able to support and defend those answers with little or no additional burden on them.

Also inherent in our philosophy is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to analysis. Because we target complex issues, it is essential that we have a broad understanding of technology, industry and competitive dynamics, business practices, tax, and accounting, not just a narrow appraisal or accounting-oriented view. We do not merely have a variety of backgrounds; we actually bring them to bear on client issues by assigning multidisciplinary teams to projects, and by having open channels of communication within the firm.

ACG serves corporations, investors, law firms, and government agencies. We operate domestically and in more than 200 countries outside the United States. Among our achievements, we have been acknowledged as top-tier for expertise in the area of intangible asset valuation by the House Ways & Means Committee, an important decision-making branch of the US Congress.

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